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sleepinthegardn: So. Getting compliments is wonderful and everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin. But I get my hair and make up done professionally. For a job. That’s not beauty. That’s make up it’s a curling iron and hairspray. What’s beautiful is inside you. It’s your creativity. It’s your intelligence. Your empathy and your kindness to your fellow man. I could care less about being “pretty” or “perfect” and we should all ask ourselves why in our society that is the “highest” and most common compliment we are paying to our female friends. I’m so grateful for your support. And so thrilled to read your words. I love that you love Pll and are kind and supportive to each other. But let’s put this to bed… Foundation and a blow dryer do not a woman make. Rock on everyone.

I am serious. She is the best role model for not only young and even adult women, but people society as a whole. She is a star in the industry completely shattering the wall of what we all see as “perfect.” She is humble and appreciative of all her fans and loves them whole heartedly, but at the same time will not stand for people to feel bad about themselves because they can’t look “perfect” too. She is my favorite celebrity. Not because she’s on Pretty Little Liars or that she is done up in a beautiful fashion at events, but because she is not afraid to say “I don’t know anything about make up,” or “no one really looks like this.” She is teaching the true definition of beauty to everyone, and if you need a reason to admire and love Troian Bellisario, although I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t already, this is it.
Give me any two fictional characters and I’ll tell you which I’d rather date.

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I’m not saying that I’m an amazing actor but i HAVE won as many Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio

let’s be honest we’re all just reblogging that as long as we still can


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